Welcome, I'm Monique, I’m a London based illustrator who creates vibrant drawings which often incorporate vintage fabrics and contemporary embroidery. This blog is dedicated to everything that inspires me, my finds and what I’m currently working on (of course, there will be lots of drawing).

Sometimes I draw things that make me smile, sometimes I draw things that I want to remember and lots of the time I draw things that are inspired from overheard conversations.

My daily life consist of lots of coffee drinking followed by green tea drinking to calm me down, drawing, working with fabrics and always making something. When I’m not busy creating my own art works I run art classes for people with learning disabilities.

I'm so happy that you have taken the time to stop by and hope that you check in often

What to expect:
Typography, handmade goods, vintage fabrics, overheard quotes, photography, embroidery and lots of drawing.

Drawing, fabric stores, Fitz and the tantrums, sewing, embroidery, beautiful buildings, speaking Spanish, charity shops, Bon Iver, used bookstores, anything Mexican related ,taking photos, sketchbooks,  Sia, scrap booking, purma culture, crafting, drawing, markets, overheard conversations, eating well and thinking about where I would like to next travel too